Who We Are

Rocky Mountain Resource Center on Violent, Destructive and Hate Groups

The Rocky Mountain Resource Center provides research facilities, counseling information and resources, as well as support for victims and their families in their recovery. The Center has the largest library in this area featuring works on destructive cults, hate groups, mind manipulation and power and control. Since its inception the Center has grown to include an office in New York operating as the New York Resource Center.

Hal Mansfield – Chairman of the Board
The Rocky Mountain Resource Center was founded in 1981 by Hal Mansfield. Hal began investigating destructive groups in 1978. At that time Hal was the coordinator of the Police Relations Team, a liaison between Colorado State University and the Larimer County Sheriff’s Dept. and was part of the Fort Collins Hate Crimes Response Team.

Hal has presented many national programs on the subject of cults, hate groups, and extremism and has made several media appearances.

Hal had served for 22 years in active military duty and played a major role in the military’s anti-drug efforts and counter-narcotics. Hal saw firsthand how drug cults and cartels work in countries such as Honduras, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Dominican Republic, Haiti and many other countries where he was stationed.

Hal has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Sciences and A Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology.

Lisa Monroney – Executive Director of RMRC
Lisa has a master’s degree in Clinical Sociology. Lisa wrote her thesis on, “Transitioning from a Cult back into Society”. She has studied the dynamics of groups in general and the dynamics of extremist groups, specifically.

In the 1980’s, Lisa, herself, was in a cult so she has firsthand experience on how abusive a group can be. Lisa has been with the Rocky Mountain Resource Center since 2008. In 2011, she became the Executive Director of the Rocky Mountain Resource Center. Lisa developed and taught a course, at Front Range Community College and the University of Northern Colorado on “Cults and Extremist Groups.” She is continually applying sociological theory to the behaviors of extremist groups. She has given numerous presentations on the dynamics of cults, gangs, and hate groups, at several organizations, colleges, and agencies.

Dr. Deborah Diamond – Executive Director of NYRC
Deborah has a Doctorate in Juridical Science with an emphasis on Federal Indian Law and close to 20 years experience in working with victims of domestic violence. Since 2004, Deborah has been with the Rocky Mountain Resource Center dealing with destructive cults and hate crimes.

Through her years of experience she is very knowledgeable about the dynamics of mind manipulation and power and control.

Deborah is the recipient of the “First Call, United Way Healthier Communities” award and was nominated for the “Fort Collins Human Relations” award.

She has lectured at Front Range Community College, Colorado State University, and the University of Northern Colorado on the topics of “Destructive Cults and Hate Crimes” and “Domestic Violence and Mind Control in Religious Cults.” She was a speaker at the International Cultic Studies Association Conference in Denver, Colorado. Deborah was responsible for bringing the Center’s mission to New York in June 2015.